Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman lives with his family in Homerton Ward. His children were born in Homerton Hospital and went to local schools. Rob is an accountant and has worked for most of his career in the public sector as a senior finance officer. He is an expert on local government finance. More recently he has also worked for the Labour Party, organising campaigns in London.
A councillor since 2006, he has led financial scrutiny for Hackney since that time and is proud of the way the council has managed it's finances- dealing with government grant cuts of £100 million since 2010, while maintaining front-line services and freezing council tax. Looking forward, he thinks that the most important job of the council is to stand up for Hackney people.
Rob's priorities are making sure that local people benefit from all the new businesses that are coming into Homerton, as well as the Borough as a whole. In Homerton, this means ensuring that local residents get a fair share of the jobs resulting from new investment in places like the Morning Lane fashion hub.

Sally Mulready

Sally Mulready has been a Hackney councillor since 1998. Sheis a Director of a national charity campaigning for empowerment of older people by giving them a greater say over their care and in their local communities. 

Sally’s priorities for Homerton include the sustained improvement of the quality of life for residents in the area. With her colleagues she campaigned to ensure that the Decent Homes programme brought real improvement to the Homerton estates. Sally has also worked hard with colleagues and residents to ensure crime levels in Homerton continue to fall and racist attacks on vulnerable sections of the community are effectively dealt with.  

Sally is also focussed on addressing the social impact of youth and long term unemployment  by bringing investment especially in the retail industry to Homerton and ensuring local people  benefit from good quality jobs that will be created.


Guy Nicholson

Guy has been a councillor since 2002. There have been many changes in Homerton over the past few years, and Guy is proud of the role that the Council has played in helping to bring these about. These include a new secondary school, rebuilding another and a primary school, and building a third secondary school. The Fashion Hub is set to transform Morning Lane and bring jobs into our ward. There has also been investment into public spaces and making sure that local services respond to residents’ needs.

Guy’s priorities include making sure these changes do not exclude anyone; that public services not only remain intact but continue to respond to needs, and that we have a Labour Council that supports and creates the opportunities and relationships that all can prosper from, be it at school, at work or at home.

He feels it is important that together we show how a community and its Council working as one can and will build a better future for all of us.      


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Email: homerton@hackney-labour.org.uk

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