May 23, 2017
Contact: Nareser

Save our schools from Tory cash cuts says Labour’s Meg Hillier



MEG HILLIER, Labour’s candidate for Hackney South constituency, has hit out at Tory plans to cut more than £25m from the budget for Hackney’s schools in the next two years. She says:

“Everyone in Hackney is extremely concerned and worried by the damage these savage and senseless cuts will do to our children’s future and their opportunities.

“Quite frankly, it is a disgrace what Theresa May’s Tories are proposing. Young people are our future and the Tories are failing them - and failing the future of our country.

“This attack on the future prospects for our children amounts to £914 less per pupil or 692 fewer teachers. It will mean bigger classes and possible cuts in some subjects being offered. And the Tories have targeted their biggest cuts for Labour areas like Hackney.

“Make no mistake – Labour cares for Hackney’s young people and has heavily invested in providing what have now become some of the country’s top improving schools. Previous Labour Governments have made it their number one priority - education, education, education!”

Meg declared: “Labour will not only stop these cuts, but ensure there is enough cash to help our schools provide the best they can for our children.

“We know this means fewer staff, larger classes and cuts to the number of subjects our secondary schools can offer.

“These cuts to education will hurt the aspirations of the young people of Hackney, and their opportunities for getting on in the future.

“Under Tory plans Hackney schools stand to lose the most money in the country.

“Labour will stop these cuts.Labour will invest in our schools - and offer free school meals for all primary pupils.”

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