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I want to thank you again for putting your faith in myself, as Mayor of Hackney, and 52 fantastic, talented and passionate Labour councillors. I am looking forward to getting straight to work on delivering the promises we made in our manifesto.

From building 800 new council and social rented homes, to setting up a publicly owned energy company, and ensuring young people can access opportunities across the Borough – it is an exciting vision for Hackney. Read the full manifesto here.

Achieving this work is only possible with a hard-working and committed team – and I am pleased to announce my new Cabinet, who are just that. Hackney is one of the most diverse boroughs in the country, and I’m proud to have appointed a Cabinet team that reflects that diversity.

There is a new face, changing roles, and expanded portfolios – as we make the changes necessary to support Hackney as it grows and faces new challenges.


As the Mayor of Hackney I will continue to lead the cabinet, and will continue to take responsibility for policy on delivering new housing and overall strategy, alongside me I will have:


Deputy Mayor Anntoinette Bramble who will continue work as statutory Deputy Mayor and will lead on Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care. Working with colleagues she’ll be shaping the Mayor’s Hackney Fair Futures Commission and the future of the Council’s role in education and schools.


Deputy Mayor Feryal Demirci, I am excited to announce, will now serve as joint Deputy Mayor, to acknowledge the enormous challenges and opportunities we face as we work to create a healthier borough. Her new portfolio will include responsibility for adult social care and public health, as well as air quality, parks and transport – reflecting how these big issues impact upon and interact with each other. 


Councillor Caroline Selman, who has been working with me on community safety, now has an expanded portfolio to recognise that tackling some of the issues behind recent violence and crime are complex – and that as well as fighting for more police resources, it also needs a wider response from the voluntary sector and the whole community. She will now be cabinet member for Community Safety, Policy and the Voluntary Sector.


Councillor Chris Kennedy is newly appointed to the Cabinet as the Member for Families, Early Years and Play. During his time as Chair of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Commission, Chris demonstrated the skills, knowledge and compassion that will be invaluable in the Cabinet team. He will be leading on early years, our support for children and young people with special educational needs, and working with Deputy Mayor Bramble as we continue to fight for fairer funding.


Councillor Guy Nicholson will continue great work as the Cabinet Member for Planning, Business and Investment. He will take the lead as we continue to ensure that a growing Hackney remains a place for everyone and finalising our new Cultural Strategy.


Councillor Rebecca Rennison stays on to continue to fight against homelessness and for adequate housing provision, as the Cabinet Member for Finance and Housing Needs. She will also be leading cross cutting reviews on complaints, debt and advice.


Councillor Clayeon McKenzie will continue work on improving housing services to the over 32,000 homes we directly manage. As Cabinet Member for Housing services, he will take the lead on ensuring our homes are not only safe but also clean, well maintained, and great places to live.


Councillor Jon Burke continues to innovate as Cabinet Member for Energy, Sustainability and Community Services. Cllr Burke’s experience and knowledge will be the driving force behind one of our key manifesto commitments – that we will set up a publicly owned energy company to provide cleaner, cheaper energy to the residents of Hackney. He will also take over the waste, recycling and cleaning responsibilities.


Councillor Carole Williams, who I’m proud to say has just helped Hackney Council to win an award for our pioneering apprenticeship scheme, will continue as Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills and Human Resources with additional responsibilities for volunteering.


Councillor Sem Moema will continue to work with me as we push forward on our Private Rented Sector licensing scheme, develop our wholly owned housing company and tackle the housing issues that affect so many private renters and those unable to buy their first home.


The Cabinet and I are excited to work together on delivering our manifesto and embarking on becoming the campaigning Labour Mayor and Council we promised throughout the election.

Your Cabinet Team

I want to thank you again for putting your faith in myself, as Mayor of Hackney, and 52 fantastic, talented and passionate Labour councillors. I am looking forward to getting...


Welcome to my March - May Mayor’s Report

Dear Member,

Welcome to my March-May Mayor’s Report and the first of the new administration.

The past few months were dominated by the local elections and I would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign and stood for council. Here in Hackney I campaigned in every ward and we had the best result since 1986 - winning the highest share of the vote in the Mayoral Ballot and 52 councillors including in former Lib Dem Cazenove. Our victory was only tempered by losing one of our hardest working councillors Rosemary Sales in Stamford Hill West and not seeing our other candidates elected.

It’s been a busy first few weeks appointing the new Cabinet, preparing for the Council AGM, running the Hackney Half and working to turn our manifesto into a new corporate plan. I was pleased today to open the new Hackney Wick station and also visit one of our school streets in Clapton. We’ve started work on becoming a ‘Child Friendly Borough’, held our annual cycling conference and I was proud to go on Newsnight to mark #WalktoSchoolWeek and talk about our work to tackle air pollution through school streets and other interventions.

Alongside this we have continued to campaign at the TUC March, supporting Deliveroo workers and supporting the Windrush generation. Reflecting on previous campaigns it was good to see to see MHCLG finally take heed of our concerns about FOBT machines and announce last week that maximum stakes would indeed be decreased from £100 to £2.

Hackney has won six prestigious awards for Hackney Town Hall, Kings Crecent, Woodberry Down and our apprenticeship programme, more details can be found below. Deputy Mayor Bramble and Cllr Selman attended the Hackney Ethnic Minority Forum Event on Knife Crime. We’re leading co-ordinated work across the Council and our partners. Cllr Bramble has also been entering into national discussions on the future of education policy and will be holding a National Education Service debate with Hackney South on 13th June.

Best wishes,


The full report from Mayor Philip Glanville for March & May 2018 can be downloaded here

Report from Mayor Philip Glanville – March - May 2018

Welcome to my March - May Mayor’s Report

Find out why so many people are voting Labour in Hackney on Thursady 3 May! 

Watch the Campaign Video!

Find out why so many people are voting Labour in Hackney on Thursady 3 May! 

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