Fighting for a cleaner and greener Downham Road

Labour’s Joe Walker is pledging to fight for a cleaner and greener Downham Road, with more trees, wider pavements and less traffic. He said: “It’s been great hearing from the Parents of Hackney New Primary School and their campaign for safer streets around the school. I’m pleased that the Labour team at Hackney Town Hall have already pledged a School Street on Enfield Road, but we need to see action on Downham Road too. If elected, I’ll be joining my colleague Cllr Polly Billington in the campaign for more trees, wider pavements and less traffic along Downham Road so it is safer for local residents and children of Hackney New School.”

Across Hackney, Labour is taking action to tackle pollution and encourage walking and cycling, having introduced more Low Traffic Neighbourhoods than any other London borough and 48 School Streets that have reduced traffic around schools by over 70%. With a strong Labour team in Hackney Town Hall, more action will be taken to make Hackney the most walking and cycling-friendly borough in London.