Hackney Labour launches campaign for Long Covid to be recognised as a disability

PRESENTING a motion on Long Covid which was overwhelmingly passed at a Council meeting last month, Homerton Labour councillor Anna Lynch said: “I hope that by passing this motion, Hackney residents experiencing Long Covid symptoms like myself see that Hackney Labour is on their side.

“We are determined to campaign for Long Covid to be recognised as a disability, as well as ensure the right care and support is available.”

Seconding the motion, Hoxton East & Shoreditch Labour councillor Anya Sizer said: “This motion will go a long way to safeguarding all our residents. Coronavirus was a national emergency that has left a lasting impact on people, not least those still suffering from the after-effects of the virus.

“We need to work with our local NHS to deliver better care for Long Covid sufferers as part of a long-term strategy, and this Hackney Labour motion will help us deliver that.”

Commenting on the Labour motion, Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Health, said: “Alongside the Homerton Hospital’s ground-breaking work, this motion is another step in Hackney’s leadership on Long Covid assessment and rehabilitation.

“Many of our residents with Long Covid are desperate for answers, feel frustrated at delays and face discrimination from their workplace due to a lack of understanding. 

“This motion is a boost to our campaign to ensure that the Council as an employer sets an example, works with local health partners to make sure residents with Long Covid get the best possible health and care treatment, and helps us lobby the Government for more resources and national change. My thanks to Councillors Lynch and Sizer for highlighting this important issue.

“Once again, a Hackney Labour council is working hard for a healthy, happy and thriving borough.”