Do the right thing and invest in our children’s education today, Hackney Deputy Mayor tells Government

IN a hard hitting speech today (March 15), Hackney Deputy Mayor Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, said “We need government to invest in teachers so they can continue to invest in our children’s future. But to give children the future they need and teachers the tools they need, investment for our future must start today.”

She continued: “Many of us have stood with keyworkers from our vital services but when you hear key workers saying they need to visit food banks or that in work poverty continues to increase, we must take a stance and tell Government enough is enough!

Speaking at the National Education Union (NEU) Save Our Schools Carnival today (March 15), in Trafalgar Square, Central London, Cllr Bramble, Education Lead for Hackney Council, added: “No teacher takes the decide to strike easily which is not a gift from the state but the fundamental right fought for by hard workers over centuries.

“I was a proud member of the NEU when I first became a teacher. I have been a subject co-organiser, assistant teacher, SENCO and Assistant Head. The trouble is now there is less money in schools – so instead of moving from role to role sometimes you are just having more roles.

“I know that everyone involved in education – teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and all staff in schools – understands the importance of education and does not take their role lightly.

“Teachers do not mind feeding hungry children in their class, supporting families that are having difficulties or doing more when there is work to do.  What they are saying is that it is not sustainable to keep doing more and more and be paid less!”

She said that in Hackney the Council is investing in their schools – whether it is increasing SEND places, or working with schools on a new library or a theatre. 

However, she emphasised: “We need Government to do their part and invest in the future of our children. Enough is Enough! Especially when you hear of key workers visiting food banks and in work poverty continues to increase. This is why so many of us join workers when there is strike action.”

Speaking after the rally, she said: “We know that no worker ever wants to go on strike, but it is a crucial last resort for workers when their employer refuses to listen to their views, or negotiate with them. These strikes are about more than pay – it is about the whole education system and schools providing the best for our children who deserve the best.“