Government too slow with Windrush Compensation scheme:  Hackney Council to run Windrush Justice Clinics to Support Affected Individuals

The 75th anniversary of HMT Empire Windrush docking at Tilbury in 1948 should be a time of celebration and reflection on the remarkable contributions of a generation who came and helped shape life in London and the UK.

However, Hackney Labour finds it disheartening that the government’s progress in righting the wrongs of the Windrush scandal remains limited and unsatisfactory.

Now Labour-run Hackney Council has announced a series of Windrush Justice Clinics aimed at providing crucial support and guidance to individuals impacted by the Windrush scandal, to try and help speed up the process, and reach out to those in the community who need help in applying.

These clinics offer free and confidential advice sessions for residents who are affected by the recent terrible injustices to the Windrush generation and their families, to help them apply for compensation.
Equalities lead Cllr Carole Williams said: “I welcome the collaborative efforts between Hackney Council, the Claudia Jones Organisation, and the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit to make this happen.

“Together, they have taken a proactive step by organising a series of Windrush compensation clinics.

“In the face of the government’s shortcomings, it is through partnerships like this that Hackney residents affected by the Windrush scandal can access the support they deserve and claim the compensation owed to them.”

The Windrush Compensation Scheme is open to you:

  • If you came to the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973
  • or your parents or grandparents came to the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973
  • or you came to the UK from any country before 31 December 1988 and are now settled here;

You can also apply if you are:

  • The close family member of someone eligible to claim and you have had significant losses yourself;
  • or representing the estate of someone who would have been eligible.

Clinic Dates and Locations (each time: 11:00am to 4pm)

1.   Monday, 15 May 2023

2.   Monday, 19 June 2023

3.   Monday, 17 July 2023

4.   Monday, 21 August 2023

Hackney Service Centre
1 Hillman Street
London, England
E8 1DY

If you think this could affect you, free and confidential advice is available in Hackney, about making an application for compensation from the Windrush Compensation Scheme, visit for further information. 

Cllr Williams added: “In line with Hackney Council’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity, the clinics are open to all individuals impacted by the Windrush scandal, regardless of their background or nationality.

“Hackney Council recognises the importance of addressing historical injustices and is dedicated to supporting affected individuals in their pursuit of justice and resolution.”