First woman to be directly elected as Mayor of Hackney

“I could never have imagined I would become the first woman to serve as the directly elected Mayor of Hackney,” says Caroline Woodley, Labour’s new Mayor of Hackney. 

In the spirit of Labour values, she adds: “I will lead our borough in that spirit of progress: proudly anti-racist, inclusive, welcoming, kind and open. A place where you can be who you are. A place for us all.”

She declared that she will continue to maintain a well run council and will be getting on with the job of carrying out the Labour manifesto pledges voted on by the people of Hackney in May 2022.

“I think Hackney residents are proud of living here and recognise the work of our Labour Council and the dedication of council staff in challenging circumstances. 

“But we are always looking to improve and up our game. What is too often holding us back is the Conservative Government – its cuts to local government funding have been going on for thirteen years now and this is putting us in a really difficult situation. I heard it from some people on the doorstep – they’re changing their vote to Labour to give the Tories a message!”

And she and the Council will go on listening to residents through ward visits and attending public meetings, as well as more formal consultations, engagements, scrutiny commissions and encouraging resident-led events.

”People can contact me as the Mayor about their issues, and also find support from our wide network of ward councillors who attend community meetings and take up casework through being available in face-to-face surgeries, by email and on the phone – contact details are available on the Council website and published in every Love Hackney publication going to every letterbox in the borough. 

She added: “I want to thank the people of Hackney for placing their faith in me and electing a Labour Mayor of Hackney. Serving this special place of solidarity and culture is the greatest honour of my life. I will work for you day and night. That’s all of you. 

“Hackney Labour have a record to be proud of: hundreds of new homes for local people, thousands of new trees, clean streets, excellent schools, award-winning parks, national leadership on fair pay for local workers, increased SEND provision, insourcing and so much more.

“We’ve seen Hackney through Brexit and the pandemic, and we’re providing vital support to the local economy and our most vulnerable residents through the cost of living crisis.

“I will build on that legacy, with 1000 new council homes, a green new deal to tackle the climate emergency. I want to support local jobs, better customer services, and safer, healthier streets for all.”