Ali Sadek

Ali’s experiences growing up taught him the value of community and that the power of people working together can change lives. He believes every resident in Hackney should have access to decent living standards – good housing, clean air, safe streets, green spaces and first-rate education and public services – and have opportunities to improve their lives.

Ali is committed to serving people in Hackney. He is a governor at Waterside Academy, a youth volunteer at St. John’s Hoxton church and was previously member of the Hackney Young Futures Commission. He will use his voice to speak up and deliver for young people across the borough. Ali is also passionate about bringing people together and ensuring that all residents benefit from positive change taking place across Hackney.

Ali is a legal adviser at the Competition and Markets Authority, where he holds businesses to account in the interests of consumers. He has previously worked as a public lawyer in the Government Legal Department and for an international commercial law firm.

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