Clare Joseph

Clare was born and brought up in Hackney. She set up a tenants’ association on her estate to try and get residents’ views heard. She was later elected to the Council and she has continued to encourage community engagement and grassroots led change. She believes everyone should have a secure home that they can afford and she is passionate about council housing, as a sensible economic solution to the current housing crisis. She sits on the Planning committee, where she scrutinises development applications.

Since elected she has helped residents with issues like overcrowding, antisocial behaviour and access to community spaces. She organised the first housing repairs surgery on one estate in 20 years. She has recently started a CashWelcomeHere campaign to encourage businesses to continue to accept cash, which is important for many local people.

Clare is an actor and she has also worked for the NHS. She has one son. Clare loves Hackney and its people. She wants everyone to benefit from changes here, not just a select few!

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