Gilbert Smyth

Gilbert has lived in Hackney for 30 years and is married with two teenage daughters. He was elected in 2018 as a Labour and Co-operative councillor for Stoke Newington and has worked hard supporting residents with a range of concerns; from housing, recycling, green spaces, to help with finding work. He is especially proud to have worked closely with colleagues and Mutual Aid groups to successfully deliver the council’s humanitarian response to the Covid crisis, supporting Hackney’s most vulnerable residents and providing financial support for local businesses.

Gilbert is passionate about the environment and will work hard to ensure that Hackney has a supply of truly affordable and sustainable homes, and green spaces. He will campaign hard on the cost-of-living crisis and other issues that matter to residents

His approach is always inclusive, and he is dedicated to standing up for social justice and equality and striving for a welcoming and safe Hackney where no one gets left behind.

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