Ifraax Samatar

Ifraax has lived in Hackney for over 23 years and spent most of her childhood growing up in Shacklewell. Ifraax has worn several professional and voluntary hats across the borough, working as a teacher, youth worker, community organiser and a mental health advocate. She is the founder/host of the Hackney Holocaust Community Memorial and a committed anti-racist, social justice campaigner with particular focus on intersectional inequalities. The joining thread between each of these roles has been her ability to connect and relate to people – irrespective of their age, background or circumstances. 

As a councillor, Ifraax aims to utlilise these skills to bring about pragmatic and positive change, connecting with all residents in the area on the issues that matter most to them. She is passionate about housing, employment rights, climate action, post covid economic recovery for local businesses, tackling food poverty and advocating for equal access to Mental Health support. As well as supporting local schools and better provisions for young people across Hackney.

As a Councillor Ifraax will be fair, visible and accessible to the residents she serves in Shacklewell and the wider community.

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