Laura Pascal

Laura Pascal was born in Hackney and grew up in Sussex. She returned to the borough in 2006 to complete her studies and has lived in the Stamford Hill area ever since. Laura works in public policy and has extensive experience in partnering with communities to develop policy on housing and homelessness, adult social care, education and community cohesion.

Laura is an active trade unionist and a member of her local residents’ association, where she’s working to bring the community together and improve the local environment through resident gardening projects. She has participated in litter-picks and other community activity in Springfield Park and is keen to support further work to maintain and improve this great local asset which has been so brilliantly restored by our Labour Council.

Laura is a supporter of the charity Interfaith Matters, not least for their work in Hackney through the Stamford Hill Jewish-Christian forum. Laura is interested in Jewish culture and history and – as a well-established friend of the local Charedi community – is passionate about ensuring the particular needs and concerns of Jewish families are heard and understood by local decision-makers. Springfield is a truly unique place to live, but it needs Labour representatives to make sure the things that matter here are given the attention needed. Laura will be just that: a voice for better housing, better facilities, community cohesion and youth opportunity. ! שטימט פאר לעיבער

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