M Can Ozsen

M Can has lived in Hackney since 1986.  He is a diligent councillor, who has represented London Fields Ward for the past eight years.

M Can mostly spends his time dealing with residents, local communities of all cultures and he volunteers with local organisations to protect and support the most vulnerable in our society.  

M Can is involved actively in campaigns for fair pay, workers rights, any form of anti-racism, stop and search accountability for the police, private rent controls, women’s safety and opposing any privatisation of public services.  M Can also wants to raise awareness about the climate emergency, so it becomes an active part of learning and education generally.  

With the Council, M Can is in favour of improving regeneration policies to meet higher environmental standards and to create more affordable council housing.  M Can also supports the Council’s plans to invest more locally to boost jobs and the Hackney economy and he believes all investments should be ethical and not in fossil fuel companies.

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