Michael Jones

Michael has grown up and lives in the south of Hackney. He currently works as Advice manager at Birkbeck University Students’ Union, with a professional background in youth and community work.

He is interested in serving the community and representing ward interests by engaging and liaising with key stakeholders including residents, residents associations, local businesses, community organisations, and police and health authorities.

He is a Board member of his Estate Tenants Management Organisation working with the community in order to provide excellent services and improve the quality of life for residents, especially by empowering the young people. He is currently working with young people and older people and campaigning on poverty, benefit cuts, housing, education, crime and community safety.

Michael set up Murray Grove youth Forum are a diverse group of young people aged 10 to 19 with an interest in their community and the desire to make a difference. The forum empowered the young and ensured effective dialogue between young residents, their landlord and other stakeholders.

Michael is committed to to serving his community. He believes that if you want to see a change “The change starts with you”.

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