Richard Lufkin

Richard has been privileged to represent Shacklewell since 2014. He is a knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking councillor who together with Michelle his fellow councillor (who is sadly standing down) spends a lot of time on resident engagement in the ward, meeting tenants and residents’ associations, the local Police as well as local residents. He has undertaken a significant amount and variety of casework to help with residents’ concerns on topics such as housing, licensing and anti-social behaviour.

RIchard is particularly interested in environmental and transport issues and is committed to helping green the ward by encouraging the planting of more trees, encouraging rain gardens and supporting the local cycling campaign of which he is an active member. He also recognises the vital importance of bus services to the Borough.

He very much looks forward to working with Ifraax his fellow Labour candidate to continue to serve the residents of Shacklewell.

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