Rob Chapman

Rob has lived in Homerton Ward for more than 20 years. An accountant by profession he is now in charge of the council’s finances as Cabinet Member. In that role he campaigns for proper levels of government funding for services for Hackney residents, while making sure that the council itself delivers value for money.

Passionate about Homerton he welcomes the improvements he has seen in the area but is determined to make sure that all residents can benefit from the change. In the past 2 years the Covid pandemic has hit the area hard. He is proud of the way the council strived to support the community during the pandemic, and wants to see that carry on as we begin to come back to normality.

Over the years, he and all of his family have been users of Kings Hall Leisure Centre. He is excited about its proposed renovation and looks forward to it continuing to be a fantastic asset for the community into the long term.

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