Sheila Suso-Runge

Sheila is a proud Hackney Council tenant, who has lived in Hackney for nearly 40 years. As your Labour candidate for Hackney Central she will be campaigning for more social housing, REAL affordable rents, decent homes standards, better support for private renters, strict licensing of private landlords and homes for young people.

Sheila has been talking to residents and listening to their concerns. The cost of living, housing costs, rising utility bills, benefits cuts, education, climate change and safer streets are all issues. That’s why she is campaigning for policies that will end food and fuel poverty, improve the health and welfare of our community, for less private development, and a green agenda.

Having been a volunteer in Hackney for many years, Sheila has worked with youth clubs, music projects, residents’ associations, and community gardening projects. As a result of this experience, Sheila recognises the importance of resident engagement in local decision making.

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