Clayeon McKenzie

Clay has lived in Hoxton 30 years and been a local councillor since 2006. He has worked hard over those years as both a volunteer and a councillor to support and advocate on behalf of local residents, community & faith groups as well as small businesses to improve the area. As a former member of […]

Carole Williams

Carole says that ‘it’s a privilege to represent Hoxton West’. Since her first election, she has met with local residents, attended estate committee and TMO meetings, held surgeries, knocked on doors and responded to thousands of emails, listening to residents’ views. She has been told that residents want improvements in their parks and green spaces, […]

Yvonne Maxwell

Yvonne has been Labour councillor for Hoxton West since 2016, working with individual residents, tenants’ organisations, community groups, faith groups and businesses to take up their issues and hear their ideas for our area. Alongside her fellow Hoxton West councillors, she has successfully campaigned for more council housing in the ward, the first of which […]