Sharon Patrick

Sharon Patrick was born and brought up in Tower Hamlets, a grandchild of those who fled to England to escape religious persecution. She has lived all her adult life in Hackney and moved to Clapton Park Estate 40 years ago where she brought up her three now-adult children.She is a board member of Hackney Marsh […]

Ali Sadek

Ali’s experiences growing up taught him the value of community and that the power of people working together can change lives. He believes every resident in Hackney should have access to decent living standards – good housing, clean air, safe streets, green spaces and first-rate education and public services – and have opportunities to improve […]

Lynne Troughton

Since her election in May 2021, Lynne has immersed herself in helping residents – whether that involves access to Council services, housing repairs, dealing with anti-social behaviour, or getting financial help. Following a civil service career focussed on governance and standards in public life, she says it is a privilege to be able to use […]