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Welcome to my June to July Mayor’s Report. 

Dear Member,

Welcome to my June to July Mayor’s Report.

Over the past month myself and my colleagues have been continuing to respond to the challenges coming out of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. Hackney continues to be involved in the London Local Government response, and as outlined last month we are doing all we can to keep residents in Hackney safe. We did not use the type of cladding installed at Grenfell, but we are testing all the other types we have and will publishing a full report shortly. In the meantime we continue to communicate with residents and have now started to publish our FRAs online. I’d like to thank Cllr McKenzie for his work in this area.

As I outline below we have been working closely with the community, police and IPCC responding to the death of Rashan Charles early on Saturday morning. Our sympathies are of course with his family and friends, there is more information below on the IPCC process and a statement from Caroline and I.

We continue to be a Campaigning Labour Council on issues such as education funding, the role of local authorities in schools, police numbers and resources, clean energy and improving the private rented sector – more information can be found below.

This week I was very pleased to join Cllr Williams at the launch of the Hackney 100 paid work experience programme. I was also very proud to walk with over 150 councillors, staff, residents and organisations as part of the London Pride parade including Hackney based Project Indigo and Young Hackney LGBTQI+ forum.

Young people from across Hackney performed at the Barbican this month and also came 4th in the London Youth – a testament to the breadth of talent in the borough and the wide-ranging support and investment we make as a Labour Council.

Best wishes, 



The full report from Mayor Philip Glanville for June-July 2017  can be downloaded here

Report from Mayor Philip Glanville – June-July 2017

Welcome to my June to July Mayor’s Report. 


Welcome to my April to June Mayor’s Report. 

Dear Member,

The past couple of months have been dominated by a series of tragic events that have had a significant impact on the country, London and Hackney. The four terrorist attacks in Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park as well as and the dreadful fire at Grenfell Tower have affected us all and they continue to have an impact on Hackney (more info towards the end of my report). Our thoughts remain with those that lost their lives, the families left behind especially those who knew Hackney resident James McMullen murdered at London Bridge, and the survivors who are slowly rebuilding their lives. I pay tribute to the emergency services and others who have rushed immediately to help and assist those affected. The Council has joined in the national mourning, coordinated our community response, worked with the police to keep Hackney safe and we continue to respond to the challenges raised by these awful events.

We also had a General Election where Labour members from across Hackney made an incredible contribution as individuals, joined me as part of #HackneyonTour and in re-electing our fantastic MPs Diane Abbott and Meg Hillier with such big majorities and winning so many marginal seats across London. As the Queen’s Speech yesterday showed the Tories have no mandate, a weak Prime Minister and are out of ideas, we must continue to keep up the pressure on the issues that matter to Hackney and support Jeremy and the shadow front bench as they hold the Tories to account.

To finish on a positive note, last week weekend we saw an incredible turnout across the borough for #MoreinCommon events in memory of Jo Cox. I attended six, including Hackney North’s picnic, together they showed Hackney at our very best and I’d like to thank everyone who took part.

Best wishes,


 The full report from Mayor Philip Glanville for April  & June 2017 can be downloaded here

Report from Mayor Philip Glanville – April - June 2017

Welcome to my April to June Mayor’s Report. 




You will have seen the news of the horrific attack in London Bridge. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and with the emergency services who responded.

Following the dreadful events of last night, all national campaigning in the General Election will be suspended until this evening. Please see the statement by Jeremy Corbyn below.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“We are all shocked and horrified by the brutal attacks in London. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have died and the many who have been injured. Today, we will all grieve for their loss.
“I would like to thank the police and emergency services for their bravery and professionalism in acting to save lives and deal with these appalling acts of terrorism, as well as NHS staff and members of the public who sought to protect others.

“The Labour party will be suspending national campaigning until this evening, after consultations with other parties, as a mark of respect for those who have died and suffered injury.
“Those who wish to harm our people, divide our communities and attack our democracy will not succeed. We will stand together to defend our common values of solidarity, humanity and justice, and will not allow terrorists to derail our democratic process.”


Solidarity with fellow Londoners

      You will have seen the news of the horrific attack in London Bridge. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and with the emergency services who...

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